Planning a Visit? Please Start Here!

After 21 years of exclusively selling online, we're thrilled to be able to offer our retail store experience to the public!

Please bear with us as we navigate through these first few days! Retail is a completely new venture for us, and we want to get to know each and every one of you!

There may be a few hiccups, there may be a few items without price tags, and there may be large crowds or lines at times. Just remember that we have a great staff willing to do anything to help, we will have regular hours going forward and you are always welcome to come back for a longer visit!

If you're planning to stop in, please visit the following pages:

Getting to Our Store - we are NOT in a traditional retail outlet, we're in the former Fox Grocery Warehouse campus, so it's a little tricky to find us (but not without this guide!)

We carry a lot of items, and while they're all under one room, they're not all on display, so here's what to expect for each category!

Every store has their own rules and policies, and so do we! We want EVERYONE to have a memorable visit and find what they are looking for. Here are our store rules and policies.

Do we buy and trade? We will be, but not yet! Since this is such a new endeavor, we want to get a feel for our customers' needs for the first few weeks. After we get into a little rhythm, let the buying begin! You'd be shocked to see all the things we buy that you might otherwise throw away or give away. Here are the details!

Our story: Did you know a signed photo from Stan Lee to a sick kid in a Pittsburgh hospital kick-started what you see today? Read our story to see how Remixxd came to be!