Getting to Our Retail Store

We're located in a pretty obscure spot that hopefully adds to the mystique! 😃 It's called the Amcel Center at 236 Finley Road in Belle Vernon, PA, and it's right down the street from Hoss's and Gabe's. It's an ENORMOUS facility that used to be the Fox Grocery/Foodland distribution center in another lifetime. ⁣
This is a high security building, we are on the second floor, and there are normally 3 key fob checkpoints to pass through before you get to our office. As you well know, our having a retail store was not part of the original plan, so some adjustments had to be made. The doors to our part of the building will be open during business hours.
You can enter Gate 2 by the YINZERCON banner through our double doors at ENTRANCE G. This entrance does have an elevator and you will want to enter here for handicapped access. Once you're in, you'll find us on the second floor. 
Even though it took three paragraphs just to direct you how to get in, I can promise that it's not as bad as it sounds! 😉