What's For Sale at the Store?


-We have nearly 30,000 different framed autographs and vintage advertisements in stock from all genres and dating back to the 1920s. The vast majority of our autographs have been authenticated by JSA, and if they haven't yet seen it, it comes with a LIFETIME money back guarantee.
Due to space constraints, a fraction of our framed inventory will be on display. If there is an item that you are definitely interested in, let us know ahead of time and we will have it ready. 
-We have around 3,000 different action figures in stock from all major lines. All current figures will be on display. We buy our current toys and pop culture items factory-direct and get new shipments regularly. 
-We have 700+ different Funko Pop figures in stock and up to 36 of any given variety. So multiplied out, we have thousands of them on hand!
-We have approximately 1,500 vinyl record albums in stock. They will all be on sleeved and on display alphabetically, with an on-site turntable for listening quality. We also have around 200 autographed albums, framed and unframed, in stock.
-We have over 20,000 comic books in stock. We have a very small variety of CGC graded books. Our inventory was much larger, but honestly, they sell quickly. This is a place where we know we need to grow!
-We are in the early stages of carrying CCGs such as Pokemon, and we finally found a distributor so we can now start carrying new unopened sports card boxes and packs! We also have a growing section of vintage unopened boxes and factory sets.
-We have a rapidly expanding variety of Anime figures and collectibles and we have many, many more ordered for the future.
-For card collectors: we have a growing selection of modern and vintage star cards affordably priced in the $1-$25 bins. Outside of that, there are tens of thousands of cards that we are offering from collections we purchased at extremely low prices, especially in bulk. We just don't have the time to process all of them for online sales! We plan to stock unopened product beginning in 2024.
-We have around 200 different board games in stock, and it's a pretty even split between new/sealed and vintage. All are priced and on display.
-As for video games, we have a rotating variety of modern and vintage games and consoles, as well as plenty of accessories.
-We have around 400 different beer tap handles in stock, with tons of obscure brands!
-We have approximately 5,000 vintage magazines in stock, including thousands of Life Magazine from every decade back to the 1940s, hundreds of TV Guide, Sports Illustrated, Mad, and many others. 
-Diecast cars: We have hundreds of brand new Hot Wheels at low, low prices!
We are going to keep regular stock of any pop culture related diecast (Marvel, cartoon characters, Star Wars, etc) going forward, and they will be on display
-VHS: We have over 700 different in stock and in varying quantities. A small fraction of them are sealed. 
Again, this is just a little guide, and just the tip of the iceberg. We have a pretty random inventory of collectibles, but once we enter a category, we like to have as comprehensive a selection as humanly possible. It's not easy to do that across as many categories as we carry, but we do as good a job as we can of having a diverse and interesting inventory.
If there's any other questions you have about our inventory, please visit our website, do a search, email us (buying@steelcitygalleries.com), call us (724-243-3546), send us a Facebook or Instagram message, send us a singing telegram...we are here to serve you!