Top 10 Most Ridiculous Pittsburgh Items in Our Inventory

Over the years, we've come across some Pittsburgh-related pieces that just make us laugh. Sure, everyone's seen the picture of Jack Lambert with no teeth 100 times. But we scoured deep through our inventory to find these gems (and good news: they're all for sale!)


 Framed 1989 John Fedko WPXI advertisement ($34.99) - Would definitely be more valuable if it referenced The Fedko Zone or even Skylights, but alas, the bargain price...

Terry Bradshaw Signed/Framed 16x20 Photo Display ($112.49) - Contrasting Bradshaws: a tense faceoff with Chuck Noll followed by a lighter moment, smoking a cigar while donning a Franco's Italian Army helmet.

Dick LeBeau Signed/Framed 11x17 Photo Display ($74.99) - I'm not lip reader, but I'm pretty sure the word Coach was saying starts with an "F".

Bob Walk Chair Tip Bobblechair ($24.99) - Commemorating the time an announcer tipped over backwards on his chair during a live broadcast. With a bobbling chair. This marks the moment when the Pirates officially ran out of ideas for bobbleheads.

James Harrison Framed Original SI cover ($34.99) - Remember that week that the NFL decided to pay attention to concussions after years of minimizing their impact? This was the hit that caused it.

Framed 1993 Post Gazette Sports Department ad ($34.99) - Ron Cook and Bob Smizik on your wall? Who says no to that?

Dan Marino Signed/ Framed 16x20 Pitt Photo Display ($112.49) - 1980s Pitt Lineman: "I've got an idea for a picture...let's all dress up like guys in the know, Dan's 'protection'". Pitt athletic department: "YES."

Ryan Clark Signed/Framed 18x24 Photo Display ($112.49) - A giant-sized close-up of Clark nearly ending Willis McGahee's football career. Hang it next to the James Harrison SI cover and reminisce about the good ol' days of Steeler football!

Bill Cowher Signed/Framed 16x20 Display ($99.99) - Yikes. The picture alone intimidates me. How'd you like to be on the receiving end of whatever was being said there (although the safe money says that's player's name probably started with a "K" and ended with an "ordell").

Greg Lloyd Signed/Framed Photo Display ($59.99) - The interesting fact is, he kinda was hired for his disposition. Who wants a friendly Steeler linebacker on the team?

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