Steel City Galleries Loading up on Vintage Collectibles!

Brief company history: in 2007, we decided to focus on accumulating as many authentic autographs as we could. As of this writing, we currently have in stock 38,721 different signatures from all fields of interest - and that's not counting multiples of the same item.

In 2014, we decided to go heavy into vintage advertising. We would find them, mat them, and frame them. Not an easy task; very labor-intensive, as a matter of fact. And here we sit, with 9,349 different framed vintage pieces in stock and growing every day, as the market clamors for more.

In 2015, we turned our attention to music memorabilia, a category that we felt had been underserved. It would be our job to repurpose vintage forms of media (records and CDs) into new displays of art, combining the album or CD with an authentic autograph or a vintage magazine cover and giving them new life. Just three years later, we offer an impressive 1,525 different displays that fall into this category.

So with that as the backdrop, it is with great excitement that we are happy to announce our newest categories to the Steel City Galleries lineup, effective immediately:

  • Pre-1990 Marvel and DC comic books
  • Pre-1990 items with characters or celebrities on them
  • Pre-1990 Board games and lunchboxes

As with our other categories, quantity OF quality will be our driving goal. We will focus on offering as wide a selection as possible as soon as possible. When we're in on something, we're all-in.

If you have any items that would fall into these categories, please reach out to us via email (, Facebook (@steelcitygalleries), Instagram (@steelcitygalleries) or phone (724-243-3546) and let us know what you have available. In the meantime, we'll be searching far and wide while stocking these new categories from the ground up.