Remixxd Hits TV Screens on "Hunting Nostalgia"!

Today is an exciting day in the Remixxdverse, as we hit TV screens for the premiere of our episode of "Hunting Nostalgia" with Nick Bartley!

Ever wonder where I got the lead on our famous Hills cart? I watch Hunting Nostalgia! If you're into the pop culture-nostalgia vibe that we're into, I promise, this will become a must-see show for you!

Nick usually doesn't venture to stores that offer as many new releases that we do, but I think it was the whole "department store" setup that piqued his interest. The fresh popcorn does it every time!

What was really cool about Nick's show is how it incorporated our Remixxd team members into the broadcast. They are such a HUGE part of what we do and I love to see them getting recognized by a show like this for their hard work!

"Hunting Nostalgia" is broadcast nationally via Armstrong Cable, but if you don't get Armstrong, don't fret! It's also streaming at Youtube on the Hunting Nostalgia Channel by clicking here: o watching below!