The Great Pittsburgh Autograph Hunt



Say you're helping to clean Grandma's basement and you come across an old autograph book. You see that there are some famous-looking signatures scribbled in there but can't tell who they are. What do you do? Well, first you tell Grandma what you found. And then you and Grandma contact us.

We're issuing a challenge to the great people of Western Pennsylvania: go through your attics, your basements, your drawers. Look everywhere you can to find anything signed by an athlete or a celebrity. And then the fun really begins.

Have an Autograph to Sell?

We have decades of experience purchasing private collections. Nothing is better than helping someone cash out and bringing the marketplace new items that have never before been offered for sale. At the very least, we can identify what you have. At best, we can potentially help you make a lot of money. And the greatest part is that we work with James Spence Authentication (JSA), the most trusted third-party authenticator in the hobby. So if there's any mega-valuable things you come across, like a person who we recently assisted after unearthing a Cy Young autograph, we can help facilitate the authentication of their newest family heirloom.

There are plenty of situations that we've worked with over the years: people move and don't want to take things with them, they find items at estate sales, they want to downsize, they have an inventory they want to liquidate...we've seen it all. And we want to help.

Speak to Our Experts

So see what you can find, and then feel free to contact us. Email is , Facebook is , phone is 724-243-3546. Pictures of your finds would be greatly appreciated. Let's see what Pittsburgh can dig up!