Teachers - Sign Up for Our FREE Remixxd Retro Rewards Incentive Program!

Remember those incentive programs years ago that offered a free personal pan pizza or a free kid's meal for an academic accomplishment? Ever wonder what happened to those? Well, we did too. So we're bringing them back. 

With the Remixxd Retro Rewards program, teachers will be given $10 Remixxd Gift Cards for EVERY student in their classroom to be given out at their discretion. It could be for good behavior, a special act of kindness, improved performance -- it's up to the teacher. We will also include (3) "premium" items for the classrooms to use as the Grand Prizes!

It's important to note that this program is 100% free and there is no purchase necessary in conjunction with the Gift Card. The Gift Cards are redeemable at our new retail store experience at the Amcel Center in Belle Vernon (the old Fox Grocery Warehouse). 

This program is available for all classrooms in the 724 and 412 area codes for preschool through 12th grade. 

So why are we doing this, you ask? A few reasons.

#1: When we opened for retail, it was for opportunities such as this. To give something back to the community and not just be another anonymous internet vendor for the rest of our existence. To try and make a difference in the area where we live and raise our children.

#2: Kids have been through a LOT the last few years. And things haven't exactly gone right back to normal in the classrooms since then. So we consulted with educators and administrators in developing this program and how best to implement it in local schools.

And #3: You just don't see programs like this anymore. When I was in school, there were several, and I always made sure I qualified. Incentives teach a lesson when they are earned and not handed out. We really want the students to earn these. We're trying to help schools, children, teachers, and parents. 

We do have a few ground rules:

-All requests must come from a school-related email account

-We must have confirmation from a school administrator (Superintendent, Principal, or Vice-Principal) confirming in writing (email is acceptable) that they have been briefed on the program and have given their approval. 

-Please give us a few weeks to get these kits built and ready for pickup. We wanted to get a rough estimate of the amount of teachers interested. Once we do, things will move quickly!

Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch!