Sell and Trade-In Your Collectibles Starting January 2023!

Today, we are very excited to announce the Remixxd Marketplace, opening in January 2023! Yes, you will be able to sell and trade-in a wide variety of collectibles on-site with us! ⁣⁣

Ever since we opened for retail sales, we have hit the pause button on buying collections. It was driving me crazy. But we had to have some things in place in order to do it the way I want to do it.

First off, we needed to fully move into our new space. That's just about done. Then, we needed to price all of the merchandise that would be on the sale floor. That's still in progress. And we also wanted to add some new vendors and new departments. You've probably seen some of the announcements, but all of the initial orders and setup are not yet complete. ⁣⁣

You can't just say "always buying and trading" without having a plan. You don't just acquire merchandise and let it pile up. You have to have a system for what to do with it once it comes in (photography, pricing, filing, etc). Given that our staff has been tied up with these other jobs, I preferred to wait until we were ready. And by January, we should be ready.⁣⁣This is going to be a group effort. We're going to need your help to bring us collectibles, and also to buy these collectibles. We want to create liquidity for you and for us. Let's wheel and deal!

⁣⁣What will we be accepting? A full list is available at, but comic books, toys, video games, board games, autographs, lunch boxes, sports cards, VHS/DVD, Vinyl records, cassettes, signs, Lego sets, magazines, and basically anything with a character, corporate logo, or celebrity on it will be fair game.⁣⁣

Over the next few weeks, there will be plenty of updates, videos, and basically a general education of what you might have that could be worth money. For me, this is a dream come true. I cannot wait to see what we can unearth. And we really hope this can be something that puts a significant amount of money back into our local community. So stay tuned for more updates, and thank you so much for making all of this possible. We could not do it without the tremendous support we've received!⁣⁣