Remixxd Black Friday Promotion

As you may have heard, our company has been around for 21 years, but this is the first time we will ever get to experience a retail store Black Friday! Let's just say we have a lot of nervous excitement! 😀

We toyed with lots of different ideas for what our "deal" would be. So here's what we settled on: 20% of your total purchase will come back to you on a FREE gift card to be used on your next purchase! And don't forget, our marked store prices are 25% off of our eBay prices, so this is where the savings can really stack up!

This is not a coupon, you don't have to show us a code on your phone, it will run all day through our NEW hours of 10 AM - 7 PM!

To answer a few questions we will probably get:

Can I use a previously purchased gift card or a student reward card as payment on Friday and still get the offer?

YES, you can get the offer when paying with a gift card. You can get the offer when using a student reward card with a minimum purchase of $20.

Can I use my new gift card the same day? (This is a question my Mom would ask, by the way. She loves coupons.😆)

Most places will make you use it another day, which is understandable given how busy it will be. But YES, we will allow it to be used the same day, on a different transaction.

Can I use my new gift card with online or eBay store purchases?

No, this offer is only for use at our Belle Vernon retail store experience, although everything available online is available for purchase in-store as well.

Are any products exempt from the promotion?

Don't you love those promotions where you read the fine print and the deal doesn't work for half the store? Well, that's not the case here. If you want to buy something for $5,000, we'll give you a $1,000 gift card.

Can I use the 20% off on the original transaction?

No, it's off of your next purchase, although you can use it that day in a different transaction.