Charity Program

Is your organization looking for a new, interesting idea for your next fundraiser?

Sports and entertainment memorabilia is a great way to raise money for your cause. Any money your organization earns over the wholesale price is yours, and any unsold items can be returned! There is literally no risk - you can only make money! We can tailor your event to your organization's specific needs. All non-profit organizations are eligible for these programs!

  • Sports and entertainment memorabilia is great way to attract and reach new audiences.
  • Any unsold items can be returned!
  • Your charity keeps 100% of the profits generated from your fundraiser.

Since opening our business in 2001, Steel City Galleries has helped countless groups reach their fundraising goals, and at no risk to the organization! Use our massive inventory of over 60,000 sports and celebrity memorabilia items to work for you! We can provide a selection of memorabilia to your event on consignment, at a wholesale price.

If interested, please contact us at 724-243-3546 or