Cash Out Pittsburgh 2019


It's that time of year again when we implore our beloved Western PA neighbors to clean, search, and dig through drawers, basements, and attics to uncover some fresh collectibles to bring to market. Yes, it's Cash Out Pittsburgh 2019! Skip the time and hassle of yard sales, flea markets, Craigslist and eBay! Your junk might be our treasure! Sell your stuff quick and for a fair price!

Just go to the aforementioned forgotten areas of your house, poke around a little bit, and send us some pictures of your findings. We're especially trying to expand the following categories in our inventory:

  • Sports cards: specifically Rookie cards, autographed cards, insert cards, and graded cards
  • Pre-1990 Marvel and DC comic books
  • Pre-1990 items with characters or celebrities on them
  • Pre-1990 Board games and lunchboxes
  • Pre-1990 advertising and signage

We also buy old magazines, record albums, sports cards, comic books, and CDs in bulk. Click here for current rates and needs.

If you have any items that would fall into these categories, please reach out to us via email (, Facebook (@steelcitygalleries), Instagram (@steelcitygalleries) or phone (724-243-3546) and let us know what you have available. In the meantime, we'll be searching far and wide while stocking these new categories from the ground up and posting the best finds on our Facebook and Instagram pages with the hashtag #cashoutpittsburgh2019.

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